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English Grammar Aptitude Test

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered English Grammar Aptitude Quiz - 1 10 Marks. After doing practice English Grammar Aptitude Test, Please do share it with your friends.
English Grammar Aptitude Quiz - 1 10 Marks
English Grammar Aptitude Quiz - 1 10 Marks

English Grammar Aptitude Quiz - 1 10 Marks

1. Can you hear what he is .......?

(a) saying (b) speaking (c) telling (d) talking

2. She hasn't come home ........

(a) still (b) far (c) till (d) yet

3. I ....... TV yesterday evening.

(a) saw (b) looked (c) viewed (d) watched

4. We live ....... the city centre.

(a) near (b) next (c) by (d) nearby

5. She looks ....... a famous film star.

(a) as (b) like (c) similar (d) same

6. This television gives you the ....... news.

(a) last (b) latest (c) least (d) later

7. I only ....... one mistake in last night's test.

(a) made (b) done (c) did (d) make

8.I want you to tell me the ....... truth.

(a) all (b) exact (c) real (d) whole

9. He is looking ....... a present to buy his girlfriend.

(a) for (b) at (c) in (d) on

10. That's what I would like ....... Christmas.

(a) for (b) at (c) in (d) on

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Engish Grammar Apptitude Quiz - 1 10 Marks

1. speaking 

2. yet 

3. watched

4. nearby

5. like 

6. latest

7. did

8. whole

9. for

10. for

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