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  English Grammar Aptitude Quiz - 2

English Grammar Aptitude Test

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered English Grammar Aptitude Quiz - 2 10 Marks. After doing practice English Grammar Aptitude Test, Please do share it with your friends.
English Grammar Aptitude Quiz - 2
English Grammar Aptitude Quiz - 2 

1. We must not drink and then ....... a car.

(a) lead  (b) drive  (c) take  (d) guide

2. Please be ....... when you cross this road.

(a) careless  (b) carefree  (c) caring  (d) careful

3. Do what you like, I really don't ........

(a) concern  (b) interested  (c) dislike  (d) mind

4. If you want to ....... that book remember to bring it back.

(a) borrow  (b) lend  (c) loan  (d) owe

5. When the train arrives, I'll ....... you from the station.

(a) take  (b) bring  (c) fetch  (d) remove

6. I always get ....... early in the summer.

(a) up  (b) over  (c) through  (d) on

7. When you first meet someone, you usually shake them ....... the hand.

(a) with  (b) on  (c) in  (d) by

8. I have never ....... her before.

(a) saw  (b) seeing  (c) seen  (d) see

9. The teacher asked her students to do their ........

(a) housework  (b) homework  (c) home duty  (d) house job

10. The police officer told the children always to tell the ........

(a) true  (b) facts  (c) information (d) truth

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English Grammar Aptitude Quiz - 2 Answers

1. drive

2. careful

3. mind

4. borrow

5. fetch

6. up

7. with 

8. seen

9. homework

10. truth

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