Saturday, August 21, 2021

Adjective or Adverb Quiz

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered the Adjective or Adverb English Quiz Worksheet. After Practicing Adjective or Adverb Quiz, Please do share it with your friends. You can also Play English Grammar Quizzes Online which are very beneficial for Both Academi and All Competitive Exams. I have covered English Grammar Topics on My Website which are very useful for English Learners and All Competitive Exams. Especially I have targeted For All Competitive Exams.

Adjective or Adverb English Quiz Worksheet
Adjective or Adverb English Quiz Worksheet

Adjective or Adverb English Quiz Worksheet

Quiz: Adjective or Adverb

Choose the correct word to complete each sentence:

1. Robert gives generous / generously of his time to help poor people succeed in society.  

2. My brother bought very stylish / stylishly clothes yesterday.

3. I have secured a perfect / perfectly 25/25 marks in my grammar test.

4. My sister learned to cook really good / well after taking a course.

5. I thought that buying a seconds mobile is a bad / badly idea.

6. The sound is too loud / loudly to listen music.

7. It's a hard / hardly decision which you have taken just now.

8. This area isn't very safe / safely.

9. My students danced beautiful / beautifully in the school.

10. Go careful / carefully or you will get hurt.

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Adjective or Adverb English Quiz Worksheet Answers

1. generously

2. stylish

3. perfect

4. well

5. bad

6. loud

7. hard

8. safe

9. beautifully

10. carefully

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