Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Present Continuous Tense Exercise/Worksheet

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered the Present Continuous Tense Quiz. After Practicing Present Continuous Tense Exercise/Worksheet, Please do share it with your friends. You can also Play English Grammar Quizzes Online which are very beneficial for Both Academi and All Competitive Exams. I have covered English Grammar Topics on My Website which are very useful for English Learners and All Competitive Exams. Especially I have targeted For All Competitive Exams.
Present Continuous Tense Quiz
Present Continuous Tense Quiz

Present Continuous Tense Quiz

Mark each sentence correct or incorrect

1. Ramu and Srinu are going to the airport at the moment.
Ans: Correct
2. Mamatha and Juli is reading the newspaper.
Ans: Mamatha and Juli are playing games.
3. He's in hurry because he's late to the office.
Ans: Correct
4. We learning Spanish now.
Ans: We are learning Spanish now.
5. Junaid is listen to music.
Ans: Junaid is listening to music.

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6. children are playing in the ground.
Ans: Correct
7. I wearing blue jeans.
Ans: I am wearing blue jeans.
8. She is learning music now.
Ans: Correct
9. I are talking with my friend.
Ans: I am talking with my friend.
10. They are writing exams.
Ans: Correct


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