Friday, August 6, 2021

Exercise on Comparative Adjectives

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered Comparative Adjectives Worksheet. You have to find each sentence whether it is correct or incorrect. After practicing Exercise on Comparative Adjectives, Please do share it with your friends. 
Comparative Adjectives Worksheet
Comparative Adjectives Worksheet 

Comparative Adjectives Worksheet 

Find each sentence correct or incorrect:

1. This book is longer a magazine.

2. Football game is dangerouser than baseball.

3. The restaurant is more better than this one.

4. Radha is prettier than Latha.

5. Robert is more friendly than Jorge.

6. Kalam is popular than Raju.

7. Listening to English is harder than reading English.

8. This seat is more comfortable than the wheel chair.

9. A lion is bigger of a monkey.

10. This movie is more bad than the movie we saw yesterday.

11. This vessel is hoter than that vessel.

12. The weather in America is wetter than the weather in India.

13. This exam is easier than the exam whic I wrote.

14. Green Leaves are better for your health than junk food.

15. This book was much more interesting than the book which we read yesterday.

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Comparative Adjectives Worksheet  Answers

1. Incorrect  "longer than is right"

2. Incorrect  "more dangerous is right"

3. Incorrect  "is better than is right"

4. Correct

5. Incorrect  "friendlier is right"

6. Incorrect  "more popular than is right"

7. Correct

8. Correct

9. Incorrect  "bigger than is right"

10. Incorrect "worse is right"

11. Incorrect "hotter is right"

12. Correct

13. Correct

14. Correct

15. Correct

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