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Possessives Adjectives Mcq Quiz With Answers

Hi friends and my dear students! I have covered Possessives Adjectives Mcq Quiz With Answers. After practicing Possessives Mcq Quiz, please do share it with your children and friends. You can also Play English Grammar Quizzes, Learn English Grammar Step By Step Guides Here.

Possessives Adjectives Mcq Quiz With Answers
Possessives Adjectives Mcq Quiz With Answers

Possessives Adjectives Mcq Quiz With Answers

1) Ram and Rosy were late to _______ first high school class. 

A. his 

B. its 

C. their 

2) Please take ________ book.

A. you

B. your 

3) Good news! I passed __________ driving test! 

A. his 

B. my 

C. your  

4) They can't eat chinece food. _________ too spicy for them. 

A. Is 

B. It’s 

C. Its 

6) He doesn't feel well. __________ stomach hurts. 

A. I’m 

B. his 

C. your 

7) Rahul and I drive to work together because _________ 

offices are in the same neighborhood. 

A. its 

B. our 

C. their 

8) I think you'll love this gadget because _____ very costly! 

A. it's 

B. his 

C. your 

9) Robert is ____________ father. 

A. John’s 

B. Johns’ 

10) My ____________ dresses are quite expensive. 

A. children’s 

B. childrens’ 

C. childrens’s 

11) My brother lost _________ expensive watch. 


A. his 

B. her 

C. your 

12) She sold _________ new car. 

A. her

B. hers 

C. her's

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Possessives Mcq Answers 

1) C - their 

2) B - your 

3) A - my 

4) B - It's 

6) B - his 

7) B - our 

8) A - it's 

9) B - John’s  

10) A - children's 

11) B - his 

12) B - computers' 

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