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Fill In The Blanks With Passive Forms

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered the Fill In The Blanks With Active and Passive Forms. After Practicing Fill In the Blanks With Passive Forms, Please do share it with your friends. You can also Play English Grammar Quizzes Online which are very beneficial for Both Academi and All Competitive Exams. I have covered English Grammar Topics on My Website which are very useful for English Learners and All Competitive Exams. Especially I have targeted For All Competitive Exams.

Fill In The Blanks With Active and Passive Forms
Fill In The Blanks With Active and Passive Forms 

Fill In The Blanks With Active and Passive Forms 

1. When I last talked to him, he ______ English.

A) studies B) study

C) was studying D) studied

Ans: C

2. I met her at yesterday’s party, but I ______ her by sight for years before that.

A) had known B) have known

C) will have known D) had been known

Ans: A

3. By 2022, scientists surely ______ a cure for cancer.

A) are discovering B) have been discovered

C) will have discovered D) had discovered

Ans: C

4. Since the day he ______ ill he ______ a lot of reading.

A) was / had done B) is / has done

C) was / has done D) is / has been done


5. A: What’s the time? B: I’m sorry I ______. My watch ______.

A) can’t tell / stopped B) didn’t know / stopped

C) don’t know / has stopped D) don’t know / had stopped

Ans: C

6. He ______ in the library every night for the last two months.

A) would be studying B) will have studied

C) has been studied D) has been studying

Ans: D

7. Last Sunday we ____ out of the house where we ____ for five years.

A) had moved / lived B) have moved / had lived

C) moved / had lived D) will move / have lived

Ans: C

8. We spent hours talking about what we ______ since we left school.

A) have done B) had been doing

C) have been doing D) were doing

Ans: B

9. They ______ married but in the end they changed their mind.

A) are going to get B) will have been

C) were going to get D) had been

Ans: C

10. A: Would you like me to give Mike a message for you?

    B: Oh, I don’t want to trouble you.

    A: It’s no trouble, really. I ______ Mike tomorrow anyway.

A) am seeing B) saw

C) have seen D) would see

Ans: A

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11. When I counted my change I realized they ______ me $ 3 too much.

A) gave B) had given

C) have given D) had been given

Ans: B

12. When he’d counted his change he ______ it in his pocket.

A) was put B) put

C) had put D) has put


13. As soon as she ______ out of bed she got dressed.

A) had got B) gets

C) has got D) would get

Ans: A

14. In a fortnight’s time they ______ their exams.

A) have taken B) will have taken

C) will have been taken D) had taken

Ans: B

15. They were very rude to us. We ______ there again.

A) won’t go B) hadn’t gone

C) didn’t go D) wouldn’t go

Ans: A

16. In about forty years’ time we’ll probably ______ on pills.

A) be living B) have been living

C) have been lived D) have lived

Ans: A

17. A: Why have you set your alarm clock to go off at 5.30?

B: Because I ______ then. I have to catch the early train.

A) get up B) was going to get up

C) am going to get up D) have got

Ans: C

18. A: I’ve planned my future for the next five years.

B: That is very clever of you. What ______ when you retire?

A) will you do B) are you going to do

C) have done D) do you do

Ans: B

19. You’ll feel a lot better after you ______ a rest.

A) had B) have had

C) will have D) had had

Ans: B

20. Next August, while you ______ for your exams, I ______ on a

Mediterranean beach.

A) are preparing / will be B) were preparing / would be

C) prepare / will be D) were preparing / was

Ans: A

21. He ______ my name, so I reminded him.

A) forgets B) has forgotten

C) had forgotten D) forgot

Ans: C

22. By 5.30 this afternoon, Tom ______ at work for eight hours.

A) had been B) would have been

C) will have been D) has been

Ans: C

23. She ______ unwell for several days when she was taken to hospital.

A) had been feeling B) has been feeling

C) was feeling D) had felt

Ans: A

24. During this year we ______ many advances in computer science.

A) had seen B) have seen

C) saw D) are seeing

Ans: B

25. Our maths teacher ______ us a lot of homework last week but he

______ us very much so far this week.

A) would give / didn’t give B) had given / didn’t give

C) gave / didn’t given D) gave / hasn’t given

Ans: D

26. It is expected that man ______ on several planets by the end of this


A) would have landed B) will be landing

C) will have been landed D) will have landed

Ans: D

27. A: I’m going to the pop concert. ______with me?

B: Thank you very much. I’d love to.

A) Are you going to come B) Do you come

C) Will you come D) Were you coming

Ans: C

28. It rained! I didn’t think it ______.

A) is going to rain B) was going to rain

C) was raining D) had rained

Ans: B

29. I ______ to see you tomorrow, but now I find I can’t.

A) will come B) come

C) was coming D) am coming

Ans: C

30. He found everything rather strange as he ______ never ______ abroad


A) has / been B) will / be

C) hasn’t / been D) had / been

Ans: D

31. I ______ you know as soon as the telegram ______.

A) will let / arrives B) would let / arrives

C) will let / arrived D) let / had arrived

Ans: A

32. Please ______ until after the plane ______.

A) not smoke / takes off B) don’t smoke / has taken off

C) don’t smoke / took off D) not smoke / has taken off

Ans: B

33. It is the first time I ______ of anything like that.

A) had heard B) have heard

C) hear D) am hearing

Ans: B

34. You’re always late. This is the third time you ______ late this week.

A) had been B) were

C) have been D) will be

Ans: C

35. It was the first time she ______ ever ______ a prize.

A) has / won B) had / won

C) is / won D) would / win

Ans: B

36. He ______ about to give up his job when they offered him a rise.

A) was B) is

C) has been D) had been

Ans: A

37. Yesterday while I ______ in class I ______ the hiccups. The boy next

to me told me ______ my breath.

A) was sitting / had got / to hold

B) sat / got / to hold

C) was sitting / got / to hold

D) am sitting / got / hold

Ans: C

38. Hello! I ______ to phone you all week. Where ______?

A) am trying / were you

B) have tried / did you go

C) tried / were you

D) have been trying / have you been

Ans: D

39. It is time we ______ goodbye to each other. The train is due to leave

in a minute.

A) said B) say

C) will say D) had said

Ans: A

40. I think you should apologize when you______ her.

A) will see B) see

C) saw D) are seen

Ans: B

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