Sunday, July 25, 2021

Be Going to Quiz

Hi friends and my dear students! In this article, I have covered Going to Quiz for 12 Marks. After playing Be Going to Quiz, Please share it with your friends.

Going to Quiz 

Be Going to Quiz

Find each sentence as correct or incorrect:

1. Is you going to open any new branch this year?

2. Malala and Andru is going to start a new batch.

3. I going to buy vegetables.

4. They are not going to park the car in the cellar.

5. Is Ravi going earn a lot of money in his new business?

6. Junaid's going to meet Dilnawaz for lunch at 1 PM.

7. My mother not going to prepare curry.

8. My friends're not going to win the game.

9. Suman and Janny are going finish the game.

10. We're going to visit my cousin who is in Delhi.

11. What movie are you going to watch tonight?

12. I'm not going to eat junk food after dinner.

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Quiz Answers: Future with "Going to"

1. Incorrect (should be "are you")

2. Incorrect (should be "are going")

3. Incorrect (should be "I'm going")

4. Correct

5. Incorrect (should be "going to earn")

6. Correct

7. Incorrect (should be "father is not going")

8. Correct

9. Incorrect (should be "going to finish")

10) Correct

11) Correct

12) Correct

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