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Basic English Grammar Quiz

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered Basic English Grammar Quiz For All English Learners. After doing practice Basic English Grammar Quiz, Please do share it with your friends.
Basic English Grammar Quiz For All English Learners
Basic English Grammar Quiz For All English Learners

Basic English Grammar Quiz For All English Learners

Find the best answer:

1. I come ..... Italy. 

A. to

B. from 

C. at

D. in

2......... do you go to the gym? - Twice a week.

A. How often

B. Where

C. How

D. Why

3. Which sentence is right?

A. I is a cold. 

B. I am cold 

C. I has cold 

D. I have cold. 

4. I like ........ in my spare time.


B. read

C. to read

D to reading

5. Aravind, how are you? 

A. I'm a man. 

B. I'm fine, thanks. And you? 

C. I am working. 

D. Good. 

6. Ravi .................. this book when he was three.

A. can read

B. could read

C. can to read

D. can't read

7. Whose key is that? 

A. It's of Cate. 

B. It's Cate's. 

C. It's Cate. 

D. It's to Cate. 

8. I ......... born in 2000.

A. was

B. am

C. were

D. is

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9. Mohan's office is on the first ........ 

A. level 

B. ground 

C. stage 

D. floor 

10. Where ......... Sowmya and Roshini at 6 pm yesterday?

A. are

B. were

C. was

D. have been

11. I speak Spanish and French but Latha .... 

A. don't 

B. doesn't 

C. speaks 

D .doesn't speaks 

12. I went to the bookshop .................... 'Harry Potter'.

A. for buying

B. to buy

C. to buying

D. for to buy

13. I can't find my glasses. Can you look for.., please? 

A. they 

B. them 

C. it 

D. their 

14. He is interested ......... learning French.

A. in

B. on

C. to

D. for

15. ...... there any cars on the street? 

A. Are 

B. Is 

C. Am 

D. Isn't 

16. Would you like .......... to drink, sir?

A. anything

B. anywhere

C. nothing

D. something

17. (On the phone) Hello. Jorge ......... 

A. speak 

B. speaking 

C. talking 

D. talk  

18. The doctor gave me a ..........for some medicine last week.

A. note

B. recipe

C. prescription

D. receipt

19. What .................... next weekend? 

A. do you do 

B. are you doing 

C. will you do 

D. did you do 

20. I ................... my mobile phone since 2012.

A. have had

B. have

C. had

D .am having 

Basic English Grammar Quiz For All English Learners Answers

1. from

2. how often

3. I have cold

4. reading

5. I'm fine, thanks. And you? 

6. could read

7. It's Cate's.

8. was

9. floor 

10. were

11. doesn't

12. to buy

13. them

14. in

15. are

16. something

17. speaking

18. prescription

19. will you do

20. have had


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