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Possessive Quiz

Hi friends and my dear students! In this article, I have covered the English Grammar Possessive Quiz. After playing the Possessive QuizPlease do share it with your friends. Play Other English Grammar Quizzes Online Here.

English Grammar Possessive Quiz
English Grammar Possessive Quiz

English Grammar Possessive Quiz 

1) Danraj and Basha were late to _______ first high school class.

A. his

B. its

C. their

2) “Do you know what ___________ favorite band is?”

"I'm not sure, but I think she likes rock music."

A. its

B. Manasa’s

C. John’s

3) Brian passed __________ last exam.

A. his

B. her

C. your

4) “Have you been to any of the cafes on London Street?”

"No. __________ prices are too high."

A. my

B. its

C. their

5) He can't eat Italian food. _________ too spicy for me.

A. Is

B. It’s

C. Its

6) Swamy doesn't feel well. __________ stomach hurts.

A. I’m

B. his

C. your

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7) Suman and I drive to work together because _________

offices are in the same neighborhood.

A. its

B. our

C. their

8) I don't think my father'll love the new laptop _____ screen is huge!

A. its

B. his

C. your

9) Angel was ____________ mother.

A. Jesu’s

B. Jesus’

C. Jesus’s

10) Her ____________ toys are very expensive.

A. children’s

B. childrens’

C. childrens’s

11) My friends and I had a lot of cold days in January, but _____________

weather should be warmer.

A. Februarys

B. Februaries

C. February’s

12) Srija lost _________ glasses. Now she can't see anything!

A. his

B. her

C. your

13) These ______________ panel is broken.

A. computer’s

B. computers’

C. computers’s

14) Where did he go on __________ last vacation?

A. you

B. his

C. you’re

15) My sisters and __________ husbands live in India.

A. his

B. our

C. their

Quiz Answers: Possessives

1) C - their

2) B - Maria's

3) A - his

4) C - their

5) B - It's

6) B - his

7) B - our

8) A - its

9) B - Jesus'

10) A - children's

11) C - February's

12) B - her

13) B - computers'

14) B - his

15) C - their

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