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Subject and Predicate Explanation + Quiz

Hi friends and my dear students! In this article, I am going to share Subject and Predicate Explanation + Quiz. After reading the explanation, Play Play Subject and Predicate Quiz. In this quiz 15 questions for 15 points. You can also Play Grammar Quizzes here.
Subject and Predicate Explanation Quiz
Subject and Predicate Explanation Quiz

Subject and Predicate Explanation

Rule - 1

Every Complete sentence has two essential parts. They are:

1. Subject

2. Predicate

1. Subject: The part which names the person or thing, we are speaking about.

2. Predicate: The part which tells something about the subject.

For example:

1. Kamala is a tall girl.

Subject:         Kamala

Predicate: is a tall girl.

2. Dilnawaz is a clever boy.

Subject:         Dilnawaz

Predicate: is a clever boy.

3. Lalitha goes to Market.

Subject:         Lalitha

Predicate: goes to Market.

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4. Kamala saw a bald, fat, middle-aged man.

Subject:         Kamala

Predicate: saw a bald, fat, middle-aged man.

5. I got a promotion last year. 

Subject:         I

Predicate: got a promotion last year.

Rule - 2

The Subject usually comes first but occasionally it comes after the predicate.

For example:

Here comes the bus.

Subject:         The bus

Predicate: Here comes 

Rule - 3

In Imperative sentences, the Subject is left out.

For example:

Don't go in this way. (Here the subject "YOU" is understood.)

Write neatly.         (Here the subject "YOU" is understood.)

Learn quickly.         (Here the subject "YOU" is understood.)

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