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Basic English Test With Answers for Beginners

Hi friends! In this article, I have given Basic English Test with Answers For Beginners. 15 Questions have been given in the English grammar Quiz - 1.

Basic English Test
Basic English Test

English grammar Quiz - 1

1.Ours ___________ very regular class.

a. are

b. is

c. doesn’t

d. have

Ans: b

2..Our students ___________ for English Grammar as their exam is approaching.

a. are prepared

b. are preparing

c. are being prepared

Ans: b

3..A baby ___________ sandwich at this time yesterday.

a. was not eating

b. is eating

c. was ate

Ans: b

4.Look! ___________ these passengers ___________ for a bus?

a. are - waiting

b. are - waitting

c. are - being wait

d. waiting

Ans: a

5.Gifts ___________ among the students now.

a. are distributing

b. were distributing

c. are being distributed

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Ans: c

6.Babji ___________ English at this moment.

a. is teach

b. does teaching

c. is teaching

Ans: c

7.At this time on next Sunday, you ___________ writing exam.

a. are

b. were

c. will be

Ans: c

8.My friends ___________ cricket now.

a. are play

b. are being play

c. are playing

Ans: c

9.It’s not raining so I ___________ not ___________ an umbrella.

a. were, using

b. am, using

c. are, using

Ans: b

10.Latha was too much busy as she ___________ her work.

a. was doing

b. doing

c. was being done

Ans: a

11.Be quiet. A new song ___________

a. is being sung

b. is singing

c. was sung

Ans: a

12.I ___________ to the movie tonight as I have a lot of work to finish.

a. are going

b. will be going

c. am not going

Ans: c

13.It’s 7o’clock now. His paper starts at 9o’clock. He ___________ answers at 9:30

a. will be writing

b. was writing

c. will write

Ans: a

14.___________ we be ___________ trouble without water in future?

a. Will be, facing

b. Won’t, facing

c. Will, facing

Ans: c

15.The teacher asked me if I .... mistake in the exam.

a. am making

b. is being made

c. made

Ans: c

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