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English Grammar Verbs Quiz

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered  English Grammar Verbs MCQ Practice Questions For Competitive Exams. I hope this English Grammar Verbs Quiz is useful for you to practice. After playing this English Grammar Verbs Quiz, Please share it with your friends. You also can Learn English Grammar here Free.
English Grammar Verbs MCQ Practice Questions
English Grammar Verbs MCQ Practice Questions

1. Thomas Edison tried many filaments for his incandescent lamp.

a. Many

b. For his

c. Filaments

d. Tried

Answer: d

2. The interior temperatures of even the coolest stars are measured in millions of degrees.

a. Coolest

b. Of even

c. Are measured

d. In millions

Answer: c

3. The balloon was slowly rising into the sky.

a. Rising

b. Slowly

c. Into

d. Balloon

Answer: a

4. Jony sets the plates on the table.

a. The

b. Plates

c. Table

d. Sets

Answer: d

5. The leather shoes were still lying where Robert had left them.

a. Still

b. Were

c. Them

d. Shoes

Answer: b

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6. Many changes in the classroom procedures were effected by the new principal.

a. Changes

b. In

c. By

d. Effected

Answer: d

7. The soaked papers were laid in the sunlight.

a. Soaked

b. Papers

c. Laid

d. In the

Answer: c

8. The letter which is from the teacher implied that the child was not turning in his work.

a. From

b. Not

c. His

d. Turning

Answer: d

9. Jorge didn't mean to hurt you during the baseball game.

a. Baseball

b. During

c. Joe

d. Mean

Answer: d

10. Sophia used to recite the alphabet in Chinese.

a. The

b. Alphabet

c. He

d. Recite

Answer: d

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